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June 27th-29th at the Yale Law School

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The Impact of Misidentification

The human costs of wrongful conviction will be explored.  Participants will hear from a police detective, prosecutor, a crime victim who misidentified her perpetrator, and a wrongfully convicted person.

The Science of Misidentification

National experts will discuss the latest research findings in this area, explain how memory works and how memory is easily contaminated in the criminal justice setting and describe the science behind recommended modifications to police practice.

Best Current Police Practices

Law enforcement leaders from large metropolitan areas and small towns will describe how they have implemented best practices in their respective jurisdictions, the processes they used to consider and implement changes, and how these new practices are working.

The Bench and the Bar

Leaders from the judiciary, law enforcement and the bar will discuss the latest trends in eyewitness identification cases, highlighting recent court decisions.

Approaches to Adoption and Implementation

Representatives from leading jurisdictions will describe a variety of models for the successful adoption and implementation of evidence-based practices, including: inter-agency collaboration; legislation; the judiciary; voluntary adoption models; and jurisdiction-wide police training.

Emerging Issues

Examples of emerging areas of interest will be explored, including: videotaping; composites; show-ups; and, dispatcher training.







Participants will receive an Eyewitness Identification Reform Tool Kit which will contain:

  • Police Role-Call Training Video prepared by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP),  Innocence Project, and Chief William Brooks of the Norwood Massachusetts Police Department
  • Resource Guide from each Symposium session on disc
  • Examples of Model Policies from small and large jurisdictions (ex: Darien, Connecticut; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Baltimore, Maryland; Charlotte, North Carolina; Norwood, Massachusetts)
  • Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council Statewide Policies, Procedures, and Police Pocket Cards
  • Examples of Legislative Proposals
  • Court Decisions

Connecticut’s Eyewitness Identification Task Force wishes to extend its sincere appreciation to the generosity of the following sponsors without whom this event could not have been made possible.

Special acknowledgement and gratitude is extended to Stephen Wizner, William O. Douglas Clinical Professor of Law and Fiona Doherty, Clinical Associate Professor of Law and Director of the Criminal Justice Clinic at the Yale Law School for their significant contributions to the development of this Symposium.